Pulley Draw reins by Tory Leather

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Pulley Draw reins by Tory Leather. These reins are a single piece of leather with snaps for easy on-off. Pulleys snap on to the bit and allow the rein to slide freely. Mainly used by Western trainers, but useful for English horses as well. Durable 3/8" x 15' rolled leather. Made in USA. One size. Colors: Chestnut, Harness (shown), Dark Oil.

  • Tory Leather #895
  • Made in USA

Tory Leather's Pulley Draw Reins are handy for working with a horse on proper headset. Pulley draw reins are one piece of leather with snap ends to hook to the girth or cinch ring. Attaching the draw rein to the girth rather than a breastplate gives a lower point of leverage. The leather pulley slide assembly snaps onto the bit rings with scissor snaps. The rein slides freely through the leather pulley. Harness leather is sturdy and weather resistant while the brass hardware is beautiful and durable. One size.