Life Data Labs Barn Bag - 11lb

Life Data Labs Barn Bag - 11lb

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Barn Bag® is a low calorie and low starch equine supplement that provides the horse a daily fixed amount of important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. Barn Bag® fortifies the natural forage diet by providing these essential nutrients that the diet is often lacking. The pelleted concentrated nutrient source increases the feed utilization of hay and pasture to provide a balanced diet.

Balanced Equine Diet

  • Separates Calories from Carbs
  • Provides Daily Nutrient Requirements
  • Eliminates Feeding Compound Feeds

Equine Body Condition

  • Easy Keepers and Overweight Horses
  • Hard Keepers and Malnourished Horses
  • Insulin Resistance

Over Supplementation

  • Nutrients Independent from Calories
  • Balanced with Fixed Amount of Nutrients
  • Prevents Over Supplementation

*Hard keepers may require an additional calorie source in order to gain or maintain weight. Whole oats, beet pulp, or vegetable oil are good options. Measuring cup not included in 11 lb bag.

11 lb bag.