Emerald Valley Benegest Pro

Emerald Valley Benegest Pro

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The benefits of going PRO:

  • Promotes optimal physiological function of the whole gastro-intestinal tract
  • Combination of prebiotics and probiotics supports correct function of the gut and maintains integrity of the gut wall
  • Natural ingredients supply good levels of antioxidants to help maintain tissue linings and combat free radicals
  • Fiber components promote normal immune function
  • Supports the normal physiology of the stomach lining as a barrier against ulceration
  • Added enzymes support the breakdown and utilization of nutrients
  •  May reduce the possibility of digestive upset

Although we can feed our horses and dogs to our very best abilities, there is no such thing as a perfect diet. Variations in feed, your horse or dog’s daily requirements and hormone induced seasonal needs, all challenge their feeding. Subsequent physiological, absorptive and metabolic adaptions will help mediate these challenges, there is always the potential for a little extra help.

For example, we have long known that biochemical processes are not 100% efficient and lead to the production of oxidative particles known as free radicals – and so we add antioxidants to feeds to help combat them and their destructive functions.

What we haven’t done is pay close attention to the gut. Although it is a highly complex and specialist organ – awash with physiological, neural and biochemical factors – we have only exploited its specialized functions by the type of feed we give it. Traditionally that was forage for an herbivore or meat for a carnivore. Then typical feed ingredients such as cereals, vegetable proteins, etc. were introduced and the gut had to adapt. Now we have an increasing knowledge of essential oils and functional fibers, and can start to put together products that help maintain the smooth running of various processes.

Benegest PRO is such a product. It’s not designed to give a glossy coat or a wet nose (dogs only!), but to help maintain the whole of the gastro-intestinal tract so it can cope with the vagaries of feeding.

Starting with acidity regulators that help supplement the buffers in saliva (processed feeds may mean your horse chews and salivates less, or your dog needs less saliva to lubricate his feed), all the way to added oligosaccharides (to generate butyric acid and help energize the cells of the colon). Benegest PRO has been designed to optimize gut health.